New Webkit Feature

Just noticed a new and important feature released with the latest nighty build of Webkit, namely, an option to check for updates automatically. Mozilla has had this feature in their browsers for a long time, and it was hard not having it available in Webkit. Just got used to downloading a new version every so often.

The days of remembering to update Webkit are now over, the latest nightly knows how to keep it self in sync with the current nightly build.

Here is the option you are presented with the first time you open the latest Webkit.


If you choose to say no to the above dialog, or if you are like me and you leave your browser open all the time, and you want to check for updates manually there is that option too.


Once the process is complete, you will see the following dialog letting you know you are up to date.


It is great to see this much needed feature has finally arrived in Webkit. Hopefully this will entice more people to jump on the Webkit nightly bandwagon.

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